The real meaning of enlightenment is to gaze with undimmed eyes on all darkness. – Nikos Kazantzakis

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I didn’t realize that there were some of you out there that still check my blog from time to time.  I thought that your thirst for my writing had all but been quenched with incoming school work…

Anyways, what’s coming up in the coming week or so is a compilation of some of my favorite funny/witty quotes.  Excited?  I AM.

Yes, so keep watching for that…also…my blog will probably go back up as public in the next few weeks…and I’m going to hope that my paranoia wasn’t warranted.

*crosses fingers*

Imagine a thousand more such daily intrusions in your life, every hour and minute of every day, and you can grasp the source of this paranoia, this anger that could consume me at any moment if I lost control.  – Jack Henry Abbott

 – Beyond Apathy


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For Change

For Change

I hate people–

their stuck up ways,

arrogant noses turned up at the world,

never accepting…their minds never unfurled.

I hate society–

Hoards of sheeple,

lifelessly bleating out the same tune.

The world falls apart as they’re stuck in their rooms.

I hate power–

the golden poison glows

in their eyes, searching for more

as good becomes worse, and the worse, the poor.

I hate ignorance–

people never want to know

about our society as one whole;

Don’t bother to look over the rim of your own bowl.

I hate apathy–

someone’s got to care,

“Change our world!” they all cry,

then go back to a hypocritical lie.

– D.Y.

Isn’t it great that half the people in the world want change, but they don’t know what they want to change?  Take global warming.

Now before this so-called “Climate Gate Scandal,”  before people found out that scientists were fudging data (and a lot of data it seems), nobody gave a crap about global warming.  Sure, society in general might have had a few scares, but really, did they care?  “Our planet is (evidently) burning up! SOMEBODY FIX IT! Kthxbai.”

Ooh, corruption, that always catches everyone’s eye.  Now everyone says that they care about global warming, and everyone’s going around with their own, mostly uninformed opinions, but they still don’t really care about global warming per se.  They care more that something exciting, something out of the ordinary, something CORRUPT happened (shocker!).

How could those terrible, terrible scientists have done that to us poor, unaware general public?

We really are quite excitable goats…..umbrella of scandalous affairs, GO!

– Beyond Apathy